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Percona Datasheets

Below are a list of datasheets for Percona's software and services. These provide details on the value of our open source software and expert services.

Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM) is a completely free and open source software database monitoring and management tool designed to help you understand what is happening with your AWS data. Percona Monitoring and Management provides point-in-time visibility and historical trending of database performance that enables DBAs and application developers to optimize the performance of your AWS database environment.

Percona Managed Services ensures that your AWS database environment is fully optimized, always available and supported by the most trusted team of developers and DBAs in the business.
Percona has helped thousands of customers on AWS achieve better performance, better cost savings and better ROI.

Percona DBA Service offers an alternative: a truly proactive, fully managed database service focused on helping you improve application performance and plan for the future while insulating your business from lost revenues associated with database

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