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Flexible Pricing

Percona's per-hour pricing model gives you unsurpassed flexibility, savings, and protection. Pricing models such as per-server or per-incident do not align the vendor's interests with yours. It often leads you to buy services you never end up using. The vendor also has to overcharge to protect himself from those few customers whose needs are unusually large.

Percona eliminates these natural tensions. Percona's hourly rates may seem high but they actually save you money. Here's how:

  • You enjoy a zero-commitment, no obligation contract. No annual fees. No monthly minimums. No penalties if you decide to walk away from Percona.
  • You buy exactly the amount of help you need, and nothing more.
  • Anything you need done is what Percona will do. Percona has no artificially defined boundaries between any product or service. You'll never hear Percona say "sorry, that requires a contract upgrade."
  • Percona supports the whole application stack and all its components, both hardware and software, regardless of version or release status. You'll never hear Percona say "sorry, that's not covered."
  • Percona connects you with the same consultant as often as possible, so you build a personal working relationship.
  • No lock-in forces you to keep using Percona. We need to earn the right to your business anew every time you call us.

For more on these themes, see Percona CEO Peter Zaitsev blog entry titled Are All Rate Plans Created Equal?.