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Scheduling Work

Must I Schedule in Advance?

Yes. All work by Percona consultants is via pre-scheduled appointments. Any exceptions count as emergency work.

How Long Must I Wait For Help?

Simple tasks often begin in a few hours, complex tasks in a few days. We try to schedule first come, first served. But our availability can vary during our busiest times.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment?

  1. Visit Percona's customer portal and create a new issue -OR-
  2. Contact live anytime a 24x7 Shift Captain

Always propose a few alternative times. Include your full contact info (email, phone, Skype) and an outline of what you need done. We’ll get back in touch with you quickly.

Am I Billed for Unused Time?

Yes. We devote our consultant’s time 100% to your needs during his scheduled time. Plan ahead and make complete use of this opportunity.

Am I Billed for Cancellations?

No if you cancel two full business days (> 48 hours) in advance. Yes if you cancel with less advance notice. Contact Percona the same way as when scheduling an appointment.

What About Emergencies?

Percona is always available for unscheduled emergencies. See details here.

What Are Tips for Successful Appointments?

  1. Arrange and test online access for Percona in advance. See our Remote Access Checklist.
  2. Keep your technical staff online and accessible. Quick interactions minimizes delays.

See also our Customer Quickstart.