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Emergency Consulting

What Is An Emergency?

  1. Anytime you need help more quickly than Percona has free staff available - OR-
  2. Any work done with less than than three business days (< 72 hours) advance notice.

How Quickly Can I Get Help?

Within 30 minutes 24×7. Request emergency help here. We can begin work as soon as you provide us with a credit card and click assent to our online contract.

Is an Annual Contract Required?

No. Our help is on demand with no annual contract or retainer fee.

What Is The Cost?

$500 USD per hour with a two-hour ($1000 USD) minimum per emergency.
Percona customers with a prepaid annual contract pay a discounted rate and have the two-hour minimum waived.

What Limitations Apply?

If you do not already have an annual contract with Percona, we reserve the right to decline to help due to low manpower availability or for any other reason, at our sole discretion.