A Percona MySQL Health Audit Lite is a scaled down version of our Percona MySQL Health Audit which will allow you to identify low hanging optimizations, issues, and potential optimizations in your MySQL Server. The MySQL Health Audit Lite is a cost-effective choice if you need to ensure that your MySQL deployment follows current recommended best practices.

What We Review

  • MySQL Configuration
  • MySQL Level Metrics & Stats
  • The Top Five Queries

We Perform the Following Activities During the Audit

  • Review performance OS and database metrics on a master-slave pair
  • Review and make suggestions on your MySQL configuration
  • Review the top five queries in the system
  • Conduct a one hour meeting on our findings and other general topics
  • Provide a high level email report with findings and suggestions at the end of the audit


US$2,500.00 per master-slave pair, each additional slave US$1,500.00