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Percona MySQL Health Audits

Percona MySQL Health Audit

A Percona MySQL Health Audit is an in-depth review of your database master-slave pair. During a MySQL Health Audit we review, document and recommend changes on your full database server stack. This includes everything from hardware to queries and everything in between. Our goal is to perform a MySQL health check in which we identify inefficiencies, find problems before they occur, and ensure that your MySQL database is in the best condition possible to handle future load. When a Percona MySQL Health Audit is purchased as part of a Percona Wellness Plan (Semi-Annual, Quarterly, or Monthly) we will compare previous MySQL Health Audits and help you plan for growth and provide recommendations on scaling your system based on your projected growth and the MySQL health advice we provide during your audits.

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Percona MySQL Health Audit Lite

A Percona MySQL Health Audit Lite is a scaled down version of our Percona MySQL Health Audit. The MySQL Health Audit Lite helps you identify low hanging optimizations, issues, and potential optimizations in your MySQL Server. The MySQL Health Audit Lite is a cost effective choice if you simply need to ensure that your MySQL deployment follows the most current MySQL best practices.

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Percona MySQL Wellness Plan

A Percona MySQL Wellness Plan is an ongoing Consulting service in which we conduct a MySQL Health Audit on a scheduled, periodic basis (e.g., monthly or quarterly). This process will provide you with expert analysis and a detailed review of your MySQL infrastructure in order to uncover problem areas that could impact the ongoing operation of your database.

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Percona MySQL Health Adviser

Percona MySQL Health Adviser is a half day session with a Percona MySQL database expert who will provide a high level assessment of your infrastructure and identify potential areas of concern. During this session, we can discuss your database and infrastructure-related questions. We encourage you to submit questions in advance of the scheduled session to maximize the value of the session and your Percona consultant may ask for additional information before the session begins. Your Percona consultant will not login to your system during this session but will provide feedback based on the information, questions, and answers exchanged prior to the session.

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