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Percona Server with XtraDB in the Cloud

Percona Server has special features and performance enhancements for Cloud Computing environments. The limitations of cloud computing platforms such as Amazon's EC2 servers with EBS volumes sometimes make MySQL® run poorly, and Percona Server is designed to help alleviate that.

Faster Warmup
Percona Server helps avoid the penalty of slow I/O performance in cloud platforms. Generally speaking, the cloud works best for databases when the data fits entirely in memory, which is why EC2 high-memory instance sizes are the most popular choice for demanding database applications. But after a restart, it takes a long time to populate the database's buffer pool with the data. The larger the memory and the slower the I/O, the more acute this problem becomes. Percona Server with XtraDB can reload the buffer pool to its exact state before the shutdown, using sequential I/O for efficiency. This can result in a fully warmed server in minutes instead of hours or days.
Faster Single-Core Performance
MySQL runs each query in a single thread, which runs on a single CPU core. Single-core performance therefore matters greatly, and CPUs in cloud environments are typically slower than top-of-the-line CPUs in dedicated hardware. Percona Server runs queries more efficiently through improvements such as fast checksum algorithms.
More Reliable Operation
Percona Server with XtraDB helps guard against more of the failures that are likely in the cloud. For example, replication can be restarted reliably after a crash, which tends to corrupt the replication position on standard MySQL servers.
Greater Flexibility
Percona Server with XtraDB matches the cloud's flexibility and ease of administration with its own. This is thanks to its greater tunability, and its features to help perform operational tasks, such as restoring single tables from a binary backup without needing a server restart.