DURHAM, North Carolina – April 7, 2015Percona, the company that makes MySQL and OpenStack faster and more reliable, today announced Percona Care, a new standard for flexible, affordable database optimization and technical support for MySQL environments. Percona Care bundles existing Percona Support services into a flexible, tiered solution that lets any company choose their best value options for analyzing, tuning, supporting and managing their business-critical MySQL and hybrid application environments.

Reliable access to accurate data is critical to business success, but high-performance databases are hard to build and keep tuned as requirements change. Additionally, good database administrators (DBAs) are hard to find—and even harder to keep. The full suite of Percona Care services, provided by the most trusted team of developers and DBAs in the industry, can ensure that every database environment, regardless of the size or demand of the website or embedded applications, is properly optimized, always available, and professionally supported. A bundled solution from Percona allows companies to focus on creating business value while industry-leading Percona experts optimize and manage their backend and operational systems.

News Highlights

  • Percona Care provides customers with immediate performance gains for business-critical systems through problem diagnosis and optimized tuning and ensures systems remain running at peak performance.
  • Percona Care bundles Percona Performance Audit and Percona System Checkup with graduated options for technical support, consulting and managed services. Bundled pricing is significantly lower than the cost of purchasing the services separately.
  • Customers can choose from available bundles, including fixed-price options with a set duration and on-going monthly payment options.
  • Percona Care optimizes databases through a comprehensive performance audit and environment tuning; supports mission-critical data environments with flexible options that leverage Percona’s broad array of consultants, developers and DBAs without expensive and irritating agreement modifications; and protects data with a robust combination of clustering, backup and emergency services.
  • Percona is the largest and most experienced MySQL and hybrid systems technology products and services provider with more than 2,800 global customers. For a complete list of Percona Care services and pricing, visit the Percona website.


Pep Carrera, Chief Information Officer at Ingram Content Group

“Our focus must be on continually increasing the value of our services for our customers. When this includes managing complex backend systems, Percona Care offers us an affordable way to maximize the value and reliability of our data, giving us more time and energy to grow our solutions. With its deep expertise and anytime, anywhere availability, Percona continues to offer the best consulting and support value in the industry.”

Peter Zaitsev, Co-founder and CEO of Percona, Inc.

“With the performance of database systems now a critical success factor, companies must be able to solve the myriad issues they face in maintaining current systems and building new MySQL and hybrid applications in support of expanding business and data management requirements. Percona Care is a very affordable way for organizations to access a graduated set of optimization and support services from the most experienced and trusted support team in the world, and then scale the level of support as their needs change.”

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About Percona

Percona has made MySQL and OpenStack and faster and more reliable for over 2,800 consulting and support customers worldwide since 2006. Percona provides enterprise-grade Support, Consulting, Managed Services, and Training services to companies such as Cisco Systems, Time Warner Cable, Alcatel-Lucent, Groupon, and the BBC. Percona's founders authored the definitive book High Performance MySQL from O'Reilly Press and the widely read Percona Performance Blog. Percona also develops software for MySQL and OpenStack users, including Percona Server, Percona XtraBackup, Percona XtraDB Cluster, and Percona Toolkit. The popular Percona Live conferences draw attendees and acclaimed speakers from around the world. For more information, visit www.percona.com.


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