Percona Server with TokuDB Delivers High Compression and Excellent Performance for Read/Write Intensive Workloads;
Percona Adds Support and Consulting Services for Percona Server with TokuDB

DURHAM, North Carolina, and Lexington, Massachusetts – January 26, 2015Percona, the company that makes MySQL® and OpenStack faster and more reliable, today announced a partnership with Tokutek® to support the integration of the TokuDB® database storage engine with Percona Server. The combination offers a cost-effective, high-performance database, which can deliver excellent read/write performance together with data compression of 5X to 25X versus the standard InnoDB storage engine. Under the terms of the partnership, Percona has released Percona Server 5.6 with support for TokuDB, a drop-in replacement for the standard InnoDB storage engine. In addition, Percona is now offering Percona MySQL Support services for Percona Server with TokuDB and Percona MySQL Consulting services to help organizations optimize their MySQL environments that take advantage of the TokuDB storage engine.

Percona Server with TokuDB

Percona Server with TokuDB delivers up to a 20X improvement in performance. With its high compression ratio (between a 5X and 25X improvement versus the default InnoDB storage engine), the combined solution is perfect for applications such as real-time advertising analytics that generate large datasets with read- and write-intensive workloads.

TokuDB with Fractal Tree® indexing intelligently aggregates database access requests at base nodes, resulting in greater compression and reduced memory usage. TokuDB also supports multiple clustering indexes, hot table optimization and prelocking index and range scans. All of which means a large MySQL dataset can be highly compressed, resulting in significant storage cost reductions, while simultaneously delivering high performance in demanding read- and write-intensive applications.

Percona Support for MySQL

Percona Support is a highly responsive, effective, and affordable option to ensure the continuous performance of database environments based on any variation of MySQL. With highly experienced MySQL support professionals located around the world, Percona Support operates 24x7x365, providing guaranteed response times and access to value-added tools and plugins to help customers better manage and monitor their MySQL deployments.

Percona and Tokutek will host a complimentary webinar on the joint solution, “Percona and TokuDB: Architecture, Design, and Practical Benefits for Modern MySQL Applications,” on Wednesday, January 28, at 10:00 PST / 1:00 EST.

To learn more about Percona Server 5.6 with support for the TokuDB storage engine:

  • Read Percona’s MySQL Performance Blog
  • Download Percona Server 5.6 with support for TokuDB
  • Review the TokuDB installation web page
  • Read the Tokutek blog


Vadim Tkachenko, Co-Founder and CTO of Percona

“To assess this new offering, we used a master-system with Percona Server, TokuDB and a PCIe card for the beta release of our new Percona Cloud Tools. We achieved 500 million data point insertions per day and hundreds of monitored instances. Since the beta release, we’ve processed 46 billion data points with the compression ratio varying from 5x to 15x, depending on the kind of table. These extraordinary numbers demonstrate the potential of this solution to help Percona Server users with large datasets and high read/write workloads satisfy the demands of their mission-critical needs in uses such as social, analytics and eCommerce applications.”

John Partridge, CEO of Tokutek

“Today, many MySQL applications are ingesting very large volumes of data at ingestion rates never imagined 40 years ago, when B-tree indexing was conceived,” said John Partridge, CEO of Tokutek. “With a modern Fractal Tree indexing engine, MySQL applications can scale up to meet the needs of these applications much more cost effectively than alternative approaches.”

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About Tokutek

Tokutek is a performance database company that delivers Big Data capabilities to leading open source data management platforms. Its breakthrough technology lets customers build a new class of applications that handle unprecedented amounts of incoming data and scale with the data processing needs of tomorrow. Tokutek applies patented Fractal Tree® indexing to increase MySQL performance and MongoDB performance, decrease database size, and minimize downtime. The company is headquartered in Lexington, MA, and has offices in New York, NY. For more information, visit or follow us on Twitter @Tokutek.



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