Available Add-ons

Rush Audit

Typically, services begin 10 to 15 business days after payment is received. With a rush audit, the health audit will begin 2 to 5 business days after payment is received.

Monitoring and Alerting Setup

During the first audit we perform, we will setup alerting and monitoring in your environment using the Percona Monitoring Plugins and set it up to alert you to critical issues in the database. Cacti will provide metrics for future audits which is required for us to give you recommendations that take trending into account.

  • US$2,000.00 one time fee to setup Cacti and Nagios
  • We will setup monitoring on all servers we are auditing (a linux only add-on)
  • Alerts will be sent to you

High Availability and Disaster Recovery Analysis

Together we will define your high availability goals and craft a plan for your environment based on our combined knowledge of your systems. This plan will include a report with a diagram explaining the solution we recommend for your environment. Optionally, we can quote you on the cost to implement the plan.

  • US$1,500.00 each occurrence/audit

One Time Backup Review

We will review your backup process and make recommendations on how to harden your current backup infrastructure.

  • US$750.00 each occurrence/audit

Replication Health Check

We will check for replication issues and identify potential issues in queries or replication setup. We will check for data drift/inconsistency between servers. Optionally, we can provide you with details and costs on how to fix these issues for an additional fee.

  • US$1,000.00 each occurrence/audit