Percona Live: Open Source Database Performance Conference - Amsterdam 2016 Logo

October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Tony Dovgal

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Tony Dovgal

Senior C Developer, Badoo


December 2004 - September 2007, Developer in Zend Technologies Ltd; September 2007 till now, Developer in Badoo Development Specialization and professional skills : C - Development of services for high-load ; PHP - PHP custom modules, and all that is associated with the development, testing and debugging PHP internals; Awards, certificates, portfolio of projects:, Membership in societies and associations: PHP Development Team; PHP Documentation Team Additional information: C, PHP, Linux, Unix, Suse, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2, Apache, memcache, memcached, oci8, AIX, Solaris, iSeries, PASE, pinba, php-fpm, libevent, protobuf


4 October 4:20 PM - 5:10 PM at St. Gallen
This talk covers an open-source MySQL engine which is the core of real-time performance analytics in Badoo. Based on UDP-packets sent from back-end applications, PINBA is processing ~100K requests per second with just several MySQL instances, giving a simple SQL-interface to several pre-built real-time analytical reports.