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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Sergei Petrunia

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Sergei Petrunia

Query Optimizer Developer, MariaDB Corporation


Sergei Petrunia is a query optimizer developer at MariaDB Corporation Ab. He implemented MariaDB's optimizer features like Table Elimination (MariaDB 5.1), improvements to semi-join subquery optimizations (MariaDB 5.3/5.5), SHOW EXPLAIN (MariaDB 10.0), and ANALYZE for statements (MariaDB 10.1) Prior to Monty Program, he has worked for MySQL Ab/Sun Microsystems, where he was the author of query optimizer features like Partition Pruning, Index Merge (MySQL 5.1), and numerous smaller improvements in query optimizer and other parts of the server. He maintains a highly technical blog at


4 October 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM at St. Gallen
MariaDB 10.2 introduces support for Common Table Expressions (CTEs). Both recursive and non-recursive CTEs are supported. This talk will cover everything about the CTEs: - What are the recursive and non-recursive CTEs - How they are useful: what kind of information you can compute with CTEs that's difficult to compute otherwise. - How are CTEs computed and what kinds of CTE query... [read more]