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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Jan Lindström

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Jan Lindström

Principal Engineer, MariaDB Corporation


Jan works as principal engineer for InnoDB/XtraDB storage engines and Galera Cluster. Before joining MariDB Corporation he has worked on IBM, solidDB and Innobase developing storage engines for MySQL and database systems. He holds PhD in computer science from University of Helsinki.


5 October 12:20 PM - 1:10 PM at Matterhorn 3
Nearly everyone owns data of immense value: customer data, construction plans, recipes, product designs and other information. These data are stored in clear text on your storage media. Everyone with file system access is able to read and modify the data. If this data falls into the wrong hands this may result in serious consequences. With encryption you protect Data At Rest i.e. database files... [read more]