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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Felix Gessert

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Felix Gessert

CEO, Baqend GmbH


Felix Gessert (28) is CEO and co-founder of Baqend. Baqend develops a cloud backend to help programmers build instantly-loading websites with a novel caching algorithm. Felix is also currently finishing his PhD at the database research group at the University of Hamburg, where he created the technical foundations of Baqend. His major interests are scalable database systems, transactions, web technologies for cloud data management and steaks. Felix is passionate about leveraging and improving NoSQL systems and frequently talks and writes about the related research and practical challenges.


3 October 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM at Winterthur
The unprecedented scale at which data is consumed and generated today has shown a large demand for scalable data management and given rise to non-relational, distributed "NoSQL" database systems. Two central problems triggered this process: 1) vast amounts of user-generated content in modern applications and the resulting requests loads and data volumes 2) the desire of the developer... [read more]