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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Overcoming Upgrade Phobia

Overcoming Upgrade Phobia

 4 October 5:20 PM - 6:10 PM @ St. Gallen
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50 minutes conference


As new releases, bug fixes, security fixes and performance improvements are announced, users hope they are not accompanied by regressions. This session will talk about how IBM uses Open Source continuous integration tools to find performance regressions in MySQL code. The same tools and workflow, with user defined tests, can ensure for an upgrade there are no regressions, no surprises, and help quantify the benefits that an upgrade effort will provide. IBM uses metrics of QPS, replication lag, latency and jitter are used to measure and graph regressions and perf based analysis tools identifies the troublesome code paths that need fixing. After analysis, the results of the CI are delivered back to the upstream MySQL / Percona / MariaDB developers describing where the performance regression occurred. Code changes can be tested for regressions (against the test cases we have) before the patches are submitted. During testing, the high CPU/lock contention paths become obvious, alternate code patches can be prepared, and using the results of multiple tests can be used to validate patches improve some of the slower parts of MySQL without regressions elsewhere. For the audience using the same tools, if there is an regression in the upgrade, it can be reported upstream. It is also possible to test alternate vendors and perform regression testing on a number of configuration options to see which provides the best result. These publicly available tools can be used by business to make their own tests to make sure that the next upgrade will be a success for the real workload of the business.


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Daniel Black

Power Architecture Performance Engineer (MySQL/MariaDB), IBM


IBM Ozlabs - MySQL/MariaDB performance improvements for Power architecture - MySQL / MariaDB Performance Engineer 2015-current Open Query - Database Consulting Engineers - Senior MariaDB Engineer 2012-2015 Ingenious Software - Shared Hosting Provider - Infrastructure manager / Software Developer 2012-2015 Australian Government - IT Security Advisor - 2005-2010

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