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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Making a case for in-memory database: inside Tarantool (Part 2)

Making a case for in-memory database: inside Tarantool (Part 2)

 5 October 3:10 PM - 3:35 PM @ St. Gallen
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25 minutes conference
Tools and Techniques


Dynamic random access memory is getting cheaper every day, and ever growing set of applications is becoming fully RAM-resident. In this talk I'll state the case for in-memory technology in purely engineering terms: how memory-focused algorithms and data structures create a performance and efficiency edge over traditional systems, significant enough to justify an own product family: - taking memory management to the next level: why only an in-memory database memory manager can reach the levels of speed and efficiency unattainable by general purpose memory allocators - bringing concurrency to the data, and why concurrency does not equate to parallelism, while can surpass the latter in performance - in-memory database bottlenecks: what are they, and how they are different from a traditional DBMS.


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Konstantin Osipov



Konstantin is a software engineer with Mail.Ru Group and lead developer of Tarantool - an open source Lua application server and in-memory database. Prior to Tarantool Konstantin was a core member of MySQL development team.

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