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October 3-5, 2016

Amsterdam, Netherlands

challenging the Intel Xeon: ARM and OpenPower

challenging the Intel Xeon: ARM and OpenPower

 5 October 5:25 PM - 6:15 PM @ Matterhorn 1
Experience level: 
50 minutes conference


Intel’s Xeon has been sitting on the mighty throne of server hardware for seven fat years now and gathered many riches from this dominant position. However, two new great houses have emerged: the house of “ARMv8 SoCs” and the house of “OpenPOWER”. Both are plotting to take over the server throne, each with a very different strategy and weapons. In this talk, we’ll discuss the most important ARM and OpenPOWER houses’ strengths and weaknesses in terms of micro/system architecture and market strategy. Based upon targeted synthetic and real world tests on MySQL and other data platforms we tell you which house deserves your attention in what kind of situation, noble data warrior.


Johan De Gelas's picture

Johan De Gelas

Head of server research, Howest - university college west-flanders


Johan started his career at the Fortis Bank in 1995, first as an IT-analyst, later as member of the SAP ERP-implementation team. Since 1998 he was active as a technical writer about server technology for ZDNet, ITProfessional and Since 2001, he has been combining this with a job as senior lecturer of datacenter & server technology at the University College Howest (Kortrijk, Belgium). In 2003, he founded the Sizing Servers Lab. The lab specializes in independent benchmarking and testing of virtualization, database, big data and power management technology. The Sizing Server Lab has conducted research for Intel, AMD, Cavium, IBM, Facebook, and tens of small innovative Flemisch SMEs.

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