• VP Business , Midokura
    Based out of San Francisco, Adam Johnson is a founding member at Midokura. He has built and manages the Global Technical Services organization, and started the US office for Midokura. Prior to joining Midokura, Adam was founder and COO of Genkii, doing strategic consulting and development for social media and virtual worlds, with a focus on open source solutions. Adam has been advising and working with a number of startups over the last 8 years. In addition to his experience with early stage startups, Adam has also worked extensively in Fortune 250, Healthcare, and Education. Adam Johnson has Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics.
  • Senior Consultant , Hastexo
    Adolfo started out as an ESL teacher, but a talent for programming computers shaped his early career. He developed everything from an Asterisk-based PBX to the odd Linux kernel driver, including several websites and an AGPL3 Python-backed web game. Nevertheless, in his mid-thirties Adolfo saw the opportunity to unite two talents, and once more turned to mentoring by teaching developers how to contribute to OpenStack more efficiently. Most recently, he joined the hastexo team to continue delivering OpenStack training, as well high-availability and high-scalability consulting.
  • OpenStack R&D, Engineering Manager , Red Hat
    Alvaro Lopez Ortega is Engineering Manager at Red Hat. He works on OpenStack Deployment Technology Team, which is responsible for the deployment of the tools shipped in RDO and RHEL-OSP; and the Operation and Laboratories Team, which is responsible for running a number of internal and public OpenStack clouds, including TryStack. Alvaro is also a GNU developer, founder and main developer of the Cherokee Web Server, former GNOME and OpenSolaris Core developer. He is a veteran speaker at Open Source conferences worldwide.
  • Founder & CTO , Tesora Inc
    Amrith Kumar brings more than two decades of experience delivering industry-leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault tolerant high performance systems and massively parallel databases to Tesora, which he co-founded. Earlier, he served as vice president of technology and product management at Dataupia, maker of the Satori Data Warehousing platform , and Sepaton’s director and general manager where he was responsible for the development of the core virtual tape library product. As a director of product development at Netezza, he managed end-to-end product delivery for all customers and prospects. Amrith studied mathematics at the University of Madras (India) and management at the Indian Institute of Management.
  • Development Manager , HP Cloud
    Andrew Conrad Engineering Manager HP, Seattle WA For a majority of Andrew's career he has been involved in designing and building frameworks and tools to help software developers work with data. Andrew was one of the founding members and co-inventors of the OData effort. The Open Data Protocol (OData) is a Web protocol for querying and updating data that provides a way to unlock your data and free it from silos that exist in applications. He also worked as the lead developer for the HDInsight (https://www.hadooponazure.com/) team who's charter was all about making Hadoop and Big Data accessible for the masses. Currently Andrew is the Engineering manager for the database as a service team (Trove) at HP shipping as part of Helion Development Platform.
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  • Assistant Professor , University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
    Barzan Mozafari is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor), where he is a member of the Michigan Database Group and the Software Systems Lab. Prior to that, he was a Postdoctoral Associate at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California at Los Angeles. He is passionate about building large-scale data-intensive systems, with a particular interest in database-as-a-service clouds, distributed systems, and crowdsourcing. In his research, he draws on advanced mathematical models to deliver practical database solutions. He has won several awards and fellowships, including SIGMOD 2012 and EuroSys 2013_s best paper awards.
  • Sr. Database Systems Architect , SolidFire
    Chris (@merzdba) serves as the Sr. Database Systems Architect for SolidFire, specializing in MySQL and NoSQL databases. He began his journey with web technologies in 1994, and has been focused on solving the challenges of what it means to be web-scale ever since. For over a decade, Chris was immersed in global hosting infrastructure at WebCom/Verio/NTT, where he architected and deployed one of the world’s first MySQL DBaaS offerings. He rejoined the tech startup community in 2010 with MapMyFitness, architecting multi-terabyte Percona MySQL systems and DevOps infrastructure to serve millions of users daily.
  • Principal Software Engineer , Time Warner Cable
    Clayton is a Principle Software Engineer at Time Warner Cable, where he's working on a true devops team developing, configuring, and deploying a large private OpenStack cloud. He is primarily responsible for CI/CD, automation and MySQL/Galera on the team, but has deep background on both Operations and Development teams.
  • Expert Engineer , HP
    I've worked for HP for 29 years and am currently working on the Monasca project, a highly scalable and performant monitoring service.
  • Cloud engineer , IBM Research - Zurich
    Csaba recently joined IBM Research in Zurich. His primary focus is on our current Ceph based OpenStack private cloud. He has experience from different IT fields, eg. big data handling, embedded systems and software engineering.
  • Senior Systems Software Engineer , HP
    Deklan Dieterly is currently a Senior Systems Software Engineer at HP working in the cloud monitoring space where he is one of the principal engineers working on Monasca, an open-source, cloud monitoring application. He has 20 years experience in software engineering and application development serving in various roles. He holds an MSCS degree from Stanford University.
  • Software Engineer , Percona
    George joined the Percona development team in April 2012. George has over 20 years of experience in software support, development, architecture and project management. Prior to joining Percona, George was focused on Windows based enterprise application server development and network protocol classification and optimization with heavy doses of database schema design, architecture and tuning. George lives in the beautiful mountains of north-central Arizona with his wife and cat. His hobbies are fiddling with cool bits of technology, home brewing and winemaking, tending his ever growing garden, hiking, fishing, camping and otherwise enjoying the out of doors as much as possible.
  • MySQL Performance Engineer , Facebook
    Harrison is member of Facebook database performance team. He previously worked at MySQL AB for 8 years as a trainer and support engineer. He has also co-authored a book, MySQL Clustering.
  • Project Technical Lead , OpenStack Swift
    John joined SwiftStack as Director of Technology coming from Rackspace where he worked on Rackspace Cloud Files and OpenStack Swift, the large-scale distributed object storage system which SwiftStack is built on. As the Project Technical Lead (PTL) for OpenStack Swift, John is also leading much of its community development efforts.
  • Business Development Manager, Cloud Solutions , EMC
    Ken is a OpenStack Solutions Manager, focused on building EMC’s OpenStack Solutions strategy. His passion is to help IT deliver value to their customers through collaboration, automation, and cloud computing. Ken is an OpenStack Ambassador and a VMware vExpert. He blogs about cloud computing, OpenStack,and the EMC Federation at http://cloudarchitectmusings.com
  • Founder , Eventador.io
    Kenny has decades of experience with various database platforms behind some of the busiest companies in the world. He has had roles as Founder, Architect, Director, Manager, Developer, and DBA. He was a key member of the early teams that scaled Paypal and then eBay on Oracle. He ran one of the busiest PostgreSQL installations in the world at Hi5 and was an early adopter of MongoDB using it for various large projects at Shutterfly. He is an active member in the PostgreSQL community and scaled Hi5 from just a few servers to dozens running multi-terabye workloads on SSD and SAN backends. He has contributed to the early versions of pg_reorg, and wrote the pgstat2 utility as well as other tools and performance techniques. He’s been blogging about databases including PostgreSQL for years. He has been an active MongoDB community member, speaker, MongoDB evangelist, and now Mongo Master. In 2011 he formed the MongoDB as a Service provider ObjectRocket with colleagues from eBaY. ObjectRocket was acquired by Rackspace in 2012. Currently, Kenny is a Founder at Eventador.io, a streaming data service based on Apache Kafka. He is focused on building innovative data services to power the next generation of applications that must aggregate, mutate, filter, and join data in real time.
  • Swift Dude ExtraOrdinaire , SwiftStack
    Manzoor Brar leads Product Marketing at SwiftStack, Inc. and travels the world evangelizing and training on Swift. Prior to Joining SwiftStack, Manzoor was in charge of Solutions Marketing and Channel Management at Nebula, a company delivering a private cloud solution based on OpenStack. Before moving to Silicon Valley to join the startup world, he was successfully managing numerous data migration and disaster recovery projects for Fortune 500 clients at EMC, a storage vendor offering enterprise SAN and NAS solutions.
  • Cloud engineer , IBM Research - Zurich
    Mark is a Software Engineer at IBM Research - Zurich working on next generation cloud architectures. He has an expertise in C++ and Python programming and works on local OpenStack enhancements. Besides software development tasks, he has also been part of the design team of IBM Cloud OpenStack Services.
  • Director of Product Management , Percona
    Matt Griffin is a Director of Product Management at Percona. In this role, Matt seeks to understand market activities and user needs to guide and enhance Percona’s products and services. Two of his primary areas of focus include Percona Toolkit and Percona Managed Services (including the Remote DBA offering). Matt has a deep background in open source software and came to Percona from Canonical. He also has a keen interest in operations and application development and has spoken at events such as the OpenStack Summit in Atlanta.
  • Principle Software Engineer , Time Warner Cable
    Matt is a Principle Software Engineer at Time Warner Cable, where he's working on a true devops team developing, configuring, and deploying a large private OpenStack cloud. Matt has worked as a software engineer for 15 years on projects ranging from the HP-UX kernel to Openstack. Matt specializes in opensource software, monitoring, keystone (identity), puppet, software lifecycles, and getting things done.
  • Product Manager, PMM , Percona
    Michael joined Percona as a Consultant in 2012 after having worked with high volume stock photography websites and email service provider platforms. With a foundation in Systems Administration, Michael enjoys working with SAN technologies and high availability solutions.
  • CTO , MiMedia
    Michael Yoon has 20 years of experience leading IT at companies such as Bloomberg, Barnes & Noble, and Morgan Stanley. He is currently the CTO of MiMedia Inc. which provides consumer cloud storage. He has an MBA from Columbia and a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering from McGill University.
  • Founder, CTO , ScaleDB Inc.
    Founder, architect & engineering team lead of ScaleDB. Over 20 years of experience in software development and management of start-up companies; inventor and instigator of the database technology with 8 patents issued and more pending. Founder ScaleDB; co-founder and CTO of RightOrder Inc., Law degree (LLB) from Tel Aviv University, Israel.
  • Principal Software Engineer Lead , HP
    Nikhil Manchanda is a Principal Engineer working at HP Cloud. He is the Trove PTL for the Juno and Kilo Releases, and has been a Trove core contributor since the project’s inception. His main areas of expertise lie in Openstack, Python, and databases, but he has also been known to occasionally dabble in C++, and machine learning. He has spent previous lives working on Software Update intelligence, geo-local systems, and mobile applications. In his spare time you can often find him hunched over his desk either assiduously hacking away on his Raspberry Pi or NAS4Free box, or writing verse and short stories.
  • CTO , plumgrid
    Before founding PLUMgrid, Pere was a Distinguished Engineer at Cisco Systems in the Research and Advanced Development team, where he led innovation in the areas of cloud, security and converged infrastructure. Prior to that, he was responsible for the architecture and technology of network services and their integration with switches and routers for datacenters. Pere also led Cisco’s Service Enabled Network initiative, which contributed some of the early thoughts and ideas behind Software Defined Networks. He sponsored some of the early work around SDN, including the SIGCOMM 2008 OF prototype on Cisco’s flagship Catalyst 6500 platform. During his 12-year tenure at Cisco, Pere led the development and architecture of billion-dollar products in the area of firewalls, L4-L7 load balancing, application delivery and datacenter switching. He has filed multiple patents in the areas of networking, including control plane, data plane, security, load balancing and cloud, and is a frequent speaker at networking technology forums.
  • Principal Architect , Percona
    Peter joined the European consulting team in May 2012. Before joining Percona, among many other things, he worked at Sun Microsystems, specialized there in performance tuning and was a DBA at Hungary's largest social networking site. He also taught many Oracle University MySQL courses. He has been using and working with open source software from early 2000s. Peter's first and foremost professional interest is performance tuning. He currently lives in Budapest, Hungary with his wife and son.
  • CEO , Percona
    Peter co-founded Percona in 2006, assuming the role of CEO. Percona helps companies of all sizes maximize their success with MySQL. Percona was named to the Inc. 5000 in 2013. Peter was an early employee at MySQL AB, eventually leading the company’s High Performance Group. A serial entrepreneur, Peter co-founded his first startup while attending Moscow State University where he majored in Computer Science. As CEO of Percona, Peter enjoys mixing business leadership with hands on technical expertise. Peter is co-author of High Performance MySQL published by O’Reilly, one of the most popular books on MySQL performance. Peter blogs regularly on Percona Database Performance Blog and speaks frequently at conferences. Peter lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children. In his spare time, Peter enjoys travel and spending time outdoors.
  • Director, Database Engineering & Operations , Yahoo
    Ritesh has a proven track record as technical leader in database technology and large scale production engineering with outstanding ability to lead and develop people, processes and technology. In his current role at Yahoo, he is spearheading the central database engineering and operations team powering Yahoo products ranging from consumer facing web properties to revenue generating advertising solution. Ritesh is also responsible to provide database as a service for enhanced developer productivity.
  • Senior Staff Engineer , VMware
    Robert Hodges is the former CEO of Continuent, which was acquired by VMWare in late 2014. He works on cloud data management services for VMware’s cloud offering, vCloud Air. Robert has over three decades in the field of databases and has worked with technologies ranging from pre-relational systems to Hadoop and NoSQL. He has a wide range of technical interests and is currently focused on DBMS operation in hybrid clouds.