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In 1995 Ralf started one of the first online shops in Germany and is connected to the eCommerce topic since then. From 2001-2004 he led one of the biggest SEO companies in Germany and started Tradebit.com as the download marketplace in late 2004 on a self-made Linux cluster.

Tradebit.com now hosts more than 25,000 merchants on a LAMP cluster with more than 60 Terabytes of downloadable products. Peter Zaitsev assisted Ralf in 2006 when the platform took the first steps towards a scalable setup.

Ralf is speaking regularly on Internet marketing conferences with practical insights in his daily work and shares real life examples.

His activities include:

Pubcon.com : http://www.pubcon.com/bios/ralf_schwoebel.htm
SMX US and SMX Germany: http://searchmarketingexpo.com/bio.php?id=903
IPv6 Kongress Germany: http://www.ipv6-kongress.de/events/2012/ipv6-kongress/programm/
Affiliates4u : http://www.a4uexpo.com/2011/europe/speaker/ralf-schwoebel/

He is a big Linux fan and supporter, married and an active blogger.


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