Vitess - Scaling MySQL at YouTube

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Vitess is an open source project that packages many of the ad-hoc processes and conventions that grew out of managing and scaling MySQL at YouTube. Vitess is now at the core of our MySQL serving infrastructure. In this session, we'll cover our vision of where the project is headed as well as what we've achieved so far.

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Union Square

Schedule Info

2 October 13:30 - 14:20 @
Union Square


Sugu Sougoumarane's picture
Architecture Team Member, YouTube

Sugu works for the YouTube architecture team. He's worked on various scalability projects there. He is a major contributor to the recently released Vitess open source project. Prior to YouTube, Sugu worked for the architecture team at PayPal where he built many of PayPal's core features. He also has many years of experience in development environments, compilers, and computer graphics.

Mike Solomon's picture
"The Architect", YouTube

Mike Solomon works at YouTube focusing on distributed systems. He collaborated on the recently released Vitess project and is actively working improvements to the efficiency of Youtube's MySQL infrastructure.


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