Performance @ Speed of Thought – A Vzw case study


This session talks about a case study which focuses on some recent challenges which we faced with our internal Web portal built on Drupal & mysql and how the transformation in thought process of the individuals brought a change in technology resulting in some tremendous performance gains of upto 70% and laying a solid foundation to build a robust website on. The session will explore the technical operational framework and partnership across multiple teams which led to the success of the website by achieving sub second response times.

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Schedule info

Union Square

Schedule Info

2 October 16:00 - 16:50 @
Union Square


Shivinder Singh's picture
Database Architect and Engineer, Verizon

Shivinder has been in the wireless industry for the past seven years. He has worked extensively in designing highly scalable and highly available multi-site applications for Tier-1 applications on technology platforms such as Oracle, Sun Directory Server, and MySQL for major wireless carriers in the US.

Erick Franco's picture
DBA, Verizon

Erick has a keen interest in multiple flavors of RDBMS technologies and has worked on designing many innovative online applications with various types of backend DB technologies. His primary focus is on building platforms which are highly scalable and performance oriented which cater to tremendous volumes of traffic at VZW.


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