How quickly and cheaply can you build a modern web application?


21st Century mythology is full of stories of simple technology ideas that with free software and cheap connectivity can be brought to life in a weekend with very little cash.

As an experiment I set out to build a PHP and MySQL based social web application spending as little time and money as possible. I needed
to include the types of features that make up the modern web, Facebook and Twitter integration, game like mechanics, crowd sourced content and funny pictures of cats.

I was willing to make other compromises to get features built with existing components rather than my time, and I wanted to see what the result would be if I outsourced parts and chose the lowest priced offering. There were some things I was not willing to compromise on. I needed a reasonable architecture so that if it inexplicably becomes popular I won't hate the guy who originally built it. That's important when I'm the guy that originally built it.

In this talk we'll see what my beer and pizza level budget got me, what deliberate tradeoffs I made and what accidental shortcomings I got stuck with.

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Schedule Info

2 October 16:00 - 16:50 @


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Senior Software Engineer, Wikimedia Foundation

Originally from Australia, Luke brings more than ten years of experience and thought leadership in Web development, IT consulting and research. He is an author of the best-selling PHP and MySQL Web Development (Sams Publishing) and MySQL Tutorial (MySQL Press).

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