Deploying Flash Memory for MySQL


The current flash/solid state market is crowded and sometimes confusing. This talk surveys the current landscape and significant benefits of deploying Flash Memory compared to traditional hard disk drives (HDD’s) in MySQL environments. It will focus on a few key areas including why traditional HDD solutions fall short and why, when retrofitting these legacy systems with SSD’s, they still remain too costly to deploy on a large scale for all but a select few workloads. Also covered, why engineering and design decisions matter, as well as current barriers to broader adoption of flash memory as a primary storage tier (cost, durability concerns, feature/function). The talk will conclude with insights into what organizations might want to be mindful of when considering deploying a flash memory solution, including use cases and vendor selection.

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Bryant Park

Schedule Info

2 October 11:30 - 12:20 @
Bryant Park


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Director of Systems Engineering, Nimbus Data

Bill’s vast professional experience has centered on helping a broad diversity of Enterprises with their IT infrastructure, cloud and utility computing initiatives. Bill’s tenure includes IBM and HP, as well as emerging start-ups in unified computing, managed services and storage. Bill is a sought after speaker and thought leader around the strategic alignment of IT infrastructure and business strategy and was most recently a featured speaker at the Enterprise Cloud Computing and Virtualization Conference 2012 in London.

Bill holds an MBA in Technology Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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