Row Based Replication and Incremental Logical Backup

Replication & Backup
16 April 12:50PM - 1:40PM @ Ballroom G

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50 minutes conference

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Traditionally, taking a full logical MySQL backup involves scanning all the tables using MySQLDump. This backup method takes considerable time and involves huge I/O and CPU cost. At Facebook, we are addressing this problem by moving to an incremental logical backup solution. This talk will cover Facebook's adoption to row based replication (RBR) and how to use RBR logs in creating an incremental backup tool. Highlights of the talk include, * Introduction to existing logical/physical backup choices * Introduction to RBR * Changes we made to Facebook's version of the MySQL Server to RBR * De-duplication of RBR log events to create an incremental logical backup in MySQLDump format * Deep dive in to the implementation details and features of the new incremental backup tool * Performance benchmarks of the incremental backup tool Attendees can take away the full understanding of RBR and the new incremental backup tool. Anyone using MySQL and care about their data are the target audience.


Software Engineer, Facebook
Santosh is a software engineer at Facebook working on improving MySQL. He improved multiple replication features like Global Transaction Identifiers, Multi-threaded slave and Semi-sync so they work at Facebook scale efficiently. Before joining Facebook, he graduated from Indian Institute of Technology.