Replicate to everything with Tungsten Replicator

Replication & Backup
16 April 12:50PM - 1:40PM @ Ballroom H

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50 minutes conference

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Replication has been the backbone of the web economy for the last 15 years, but that was the old way of simply growing your availability and spreading your data fast. Current business practices require more than that. Your data is seldom in just one DBMS. You need to move data from MySQL to Oracle, to Hadoop, to other data warehouses, and to some yet unknown databases. Until recently, your chances of data replication across platforms and systems were slim. You had to use imagination and duct tape for that. Not anymore. Using Tungsten Replicator you can move your data in real-time between common RDBMS such as MySQL and Oracle to data stores like MongoDB, Vertica, and Hadoop. Not only that, you can build your own applier, and replicate to mostly everything.This talk shows how to cross boundaries and replicate in heterogenous systems, and also how to create your own applier, and pull data from your DBMS to the most bizarre places. Come and see! Your next custom replication is just around the corner.


Quality Assurance Architect, VMware
Quality Assurance Architect at VMware.
Formerly at MySQL AB, and then through acquisitions at Sun Microsystems and Oracle.
Then at Continuent, Inc and currently at VMware through a merge. 
I am active member of the MySQL community and long timer open source enthusiast. During the past decades I have worked in various IT related fields, with focus on databases, object oriented programming, system administration, quality assurance. Fluent in Italian, English, Perl, Python, SQL, Spanish, C, Bash, and good speaker of C , French, Java. I work in cyberspace, with a virtual team.