Roman Vynar

Lead Platform Engineer, Percona

Roman joined Percona as a remote DBA. He took the positions of remote DBA, remote DBA monitoring lead to a current lead platform engineer. His duties include developing, maintaining and improving of monitoring tools. Also Roman maintains Percona Monitoring Plugins project. Roman holds both B Sc and M Sc Honors Degree in Computer Sciences. Prior to joining Percona, Roman worked as a Technical Support Engineer for hosting software and services on Positive Software Corporation later acquired by Parallels Inc., on different positions such as Configuration Manager, DBA, Senior Software Engineer and Technical Leader on outsourcing projects on SoftServe Inc. and on some smaller companies. The largest project was Cisco Ironport SenderBase Security Network.


This is a hands-on tutotial on setting up MySQL monitoring for your production systems using Nagios (the main focus), Cacti and briefly Zabbix. The tutorial is based on the real best practice from Percona Remote DBA team and proven over time. Topics and tasks to be covered: * Active and passive monitoring with Nagios * Monitoring OS parameters of MySQL server * Monitoring MySQL service,... [read more]