Roland Bouman

Software Engineer, Pentaho

I'm @rolandbouman, a Web- and BI Developer and Information Analyst. I'm currently working as a Software Engineer for Pentaho, a world-leading Open Source Business Intelligence Suite. In the past, I have worked for Inter Access, MySQL AB, Sun Microsystems and Strukton Rail. I'm an active member of both the MySQL and Pentaho communities. I maintain a technical blog at and I co-authored two books about Pentaho: Pentaho Solutions and Pentaho Kettle Solutions.


MySQLv8Udfs provides a number of MySQL UDFs that integrate Google's v8 JavaScript engine into MySQL. With mysqlv8udfs you can run JavaScript directly in the database. MySQLv8udfs provides UDFs that are closely modeled on top of the MySQL's UDF interface. Features provided by the UDF interface are fully scriptable in JavaScript while the scripting layer provides considerable extra... [read more]