Robert Hodges

Senior Staff Engineer, VMware

Robert Hodges is the former CEO of Continuent, which was acquired by VMWare in late 2014. He works on cloud data management services for VMware’s cloud offering, vCloud Air. Robert has over three decades in the field of databases and has worked with technologies ranging from pre-relational systems to Hadoop and NoSQL. He has a wide range of technical interests and is currently focused on DBMS operation in hybrid clouds.


MySQL high availability in the cloud is not your father's HA problem. Compute instances come and go like will-o-the-wisps, and Amazon in particular has a proven potential for massive failures that take down entire regions. In this talk we'll walk through the HA challenges of Amazon Web Services and OpenStack, then evaluate the current state of popular MySQL solutions to handle them.
MongoDB is a popular NoSQL DBMS that shares the ease-of-use and quick setup that made MySQL famous. But is MongoDB really up to the job? Is it right for your applications? If you understand MySQL well, you know how database systems work. In this talk we will demonstrate how to lean on your knowledge of topics like schema design, query optimization, indexing, sharding, and high availability to... [read more]
Cassandra is a widely used NoSQL DBMS that offers advanced replication, built-in HA, and column-family organization. At first glance it seems radically different. Is Cassandra a replacement for MySQL or is it something entirely new? Tim and Robert will set out to prove that even though Cassandra looks very different on top, underneath it depends on many principles you already know from MySQL.... [read more]
MySQL is used by many organizations for mission-critical applications where downtime is very costly. MySQL in the Cloud is also growing in relevance and usage. During this panel discussion we’ll discuss the challenges of operating MySQL at scale in this changing technology landscape. Topics such as high availability clusters, multi-datacenter replication, and data storage will be discussed in... [read more]
Lean, mean MySQL and hulking Hadoop clusters may seem like an odd couple, but tying them together is now priority #1 for many MySQL users.  This talk explores the data management trends spurring integration, how the MySQL community is stepping up, and where the integration may go in the future.  We outline how work at Continuent fits into this picture and how we are contributing to the MySQL... [read more]