Michael Basnight

Sr. Software Developer, Rackspace

Michael is a Sr. Software Developer and OpenStack Reddwarf Community Development Lead at Rackspace focused on ensuring that Reddwarf is a world class database service for OpenStack. Michael is a proven software professional having successfully led the development and deployment of Reddwarf on the Rackspace Cloud. Michael started his career literally building the cloud before the cloud was "hip", contributing to Mosso's Cloud Sites, a combination of clustering, load-balancing, virtualization, database, and scaling solutions for the web. When not hacking on OpenStack, Michael enjoys his free time in Berkeley, California, lounging about with his wife and newborn son.


Tired of producing yet another database server/cluster for your customer? This BOF session will focus on Trove, OpenStack Database as a Service, and its related components. Do you have questions, about Trove? Bring them along. This session will cover topics such as installation/operation, the future vision for Trove, and how you can help guide the future roadmap. Talk to people who are running... [read more]
Trove is now an officially incubated Openstack Project. It has become the standard Openstack implementation for Database as a Service in the Cloud. Trove has become the approved API and implementation for provisioning and managing both relational and non-relational databases in Openstack deployments.