Matthew Lang

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, Modernizing Medicine, Inc.

In my current position as Senior Site Reliability Engineer at Modernizing Medicine, I am responsible for the overall availability and performance of our flagship product EMA. Duties include architecture in the cloud, scaling for rapid growth, data protection and security, as well as general linux and MySQL database administration. In a previous role I was responsible for overall hardware and software architecture for a start-up, which rapidly grew into a $750 million+ public company. I love Linux, MySQL, and open source.


For either compliance, ethical reasons, or both, businesses are required to protect confidential data in their mysql databases. At Modernizing Medicine, we are obsessive about protecting patient data. With respect to MySQL, this session will address how we encrypt data at rest with filesystem based encryption, data in transit using the latest version of Continuent Tungsten Enterprise, which... [read more]