Linas Virbalas

Senior Software Engineer, Continuent Inc.

Linas has extensive experience in developing heterogeneous replication solutions between MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Implemented support for MySQL to Oracle/PostgreSQL/Greenplum replication and, also, replication POC from PostgreSQL to other DBMS. In addition to developing, he's helping heterogeneous replication customers get deployed. Before joining Continuent, Linas was Head of IT at FBC "Finasta".


Tungsten Replicator enables you to communicate and exchange information between a number of different database services. Not only can we replicated between MySQL, but we can also replicate to/from Oracle, and to MongoDB, Vertica and others. This functionality is provided through a combination of advanced appliers and filters. We can mix and match the replicators, extractors and appliers together... [read more]
Getting data into Hadoop is not difficult, but it is complex if what yo want to do is load 'live' or semi-live data into your Hadoop cluster from your MySQL databases. There are plenty of solutions available, from manually dumping and loading to the good and bad sides of using a tool like Sqoop. Neither are easy and both prone to the problems of lag between the moment you perform the... [read more]