Laine Campbell

Co-Founder, Open Source Database Practice, Pythian

Laine Campbell has been working in production database infrastructures since 1999. She has led global teams of DBAs supporting infrastructures for some of the most active and well known e-commerce, online media and gaming companies in the last 16 years. Certified in ITIL, with a strong operations background, she believes in the importance of solid operations processes and a committed relationship with business and engineering teams in order to succeed. Laine started Palomino in 2007 and spent 7 years focused on building a professional, proactive and passionate team of DBAs and Engineers for Palomino's clientele. In January of 2014, she formed, a collaboration of DevOps and DBA services. With rapid growth and a huge opportunity ahead, agreed to join the Pythian family, where Laine continues to develop and lead the Open Source Database Practice.


Laine will explain the options for running MySQL at high volumes at Amazon Web Services, exploring options around database as a service, hosted instances/storages and all appropriate availability, performance and provisioning considerations using real-world examples from Call of Duty, Obama for America and many more. Laine will show how to build highly available, manageable and performant MySQL... [read more]
Amazon's RDS is a useful tool for numerous use-cases. It offers ease of management, the chance to avoid "rolling your own" MySQL infrastructure and already built-in HA. For seasoned DBAs, there are numerous ways in which one might expect these systems to behave and yet, do not. As with any system, one must know the details in order to successfully leverage its value. In this... [read more]