Ike Walker

Database Architect, GitHub

Ike Walker is a Database Architect at GitHub. He has 16 years of experience with relational databases, and has been working with MySQL since 2006. Ike runs the Boston MySQL meetup, and holds a gold badge for mysql on stackoverflow.com.


Now that performance_schema is enabled by default in MySQL 5.6 a lot more people will be using it. Although performance_schema has a lot of potential value, it's also very complex and has performance overhead. If you're already squeezing every possible ounce of performance out of MySQL you may just disable it to avoid the overhead of instrumentation. But what about the rest of us?... [read more]
There are many great tools in the MySQL ecosystem. As a DBA, how do you pick the right tools and get started using them? In this session, I will describe how we assembled our MySQL toolbox at Flite, and I will give you some tips for assembling your own MySQL toolbox based on your environment. The focus of the session will be on understanding, testing, and using some of the best community tools... [read more]