Gillian Gunson

MySQL Database Consultant, Pythian

Gillian is a MySQL DBA at Pythian (formerly BlackbirdIT and PalominoDB), where she focuses on performance troubleshooting and scaling issues for multiple clients, and where she finally gets to try out the advice she gave in her three years on the MySQL support team at Oracle. In her earlier years she worked in such industries as e-commerce and online gaming as a software developer and MySQL DBA. Gillian is based in Vancouver, BC.


This talk is going to be a list of anecdotes of bad instructions and requests that MySQL DBAs have received from developers, managers, and users. Some of these come from personal experience, and others are stories I've heard in the industry. This is a lighthearted look at some of the difficult instructions that DBAs get, with an aim of being educational as well. Each listed request will... [read more]
In this hands on lab, Rene Cannao will walk through evaluation of operational errors and issues in MySQL 5.6, and recovering from them. This will be a hands-on workshop where possible. Specific items that cannot easily be reproduced will be done via Amazon/EC2 and screencast. 1. Instance Crashes and Hangs - * Evaluating error logs and troubleshooting methodologies. * Determining issues (... [read more]