Aurimas Mikalauskas

principal consultant, Percona

Aurimas began using MySQL for various demanding web projects in 1999, while working as a system administrator. In 2002, he moved to a dedicated server hosting startup to work as a performance engineer - performance optimization service was key to this company's success. Years later, in 2007 he joined a MySQL consulting company Percona where he has been working as a MySQL performance consultant ever since. During his career, both as a system administrator and as performance engineer, Aurimas got familiar with many different technologies by actually using them in different contexts. He always knows the right tools for the task. In addition to MySQL performance optimization, his key areas of expertise include: MySQL High Availability, full text search, content caching techniques, and MySQL data recovery.


Come to this talk if you want to understand better how a multi-core multi-disk system operates and how you can inspect its operation on Linux in order to measure utilization for capacity planning, or just for fun. Long gone the days when a commodity server had one single-core CPU, one disk and understanding system utilization was as easy as checking that load average is below 1. Yet some still... [read more]