Amrith Kumar

Founder & CTO, Tesora Inc

Amrith Kumar is a founder and chief technology officer of Tesora, the company focused on delivering a database as a service platform for OpenStack. He is an active technical contributor to, and a member of the core review team for the OpenStack Trove project. He brings more than two decades of experience delivering industry-leading products for companies specializing in enterprise storage applications, fault-tolerant high-performance systems and massively parallel databases. Amrith studied mathematics at the University of Madras (India) and management at the Indian Institute of Management.


Tired of producing yet another database server/cluster for your customer? This BOF session will focus on Trove, OpenStack Database as a Service, and its related components. Do you have questions, about Trove? Bring them along. This session will cover topics such as installation/operation, the future vision for Trove, and how you can help guide the future roadmap. Talk to people who are running... [read more]