Alexey Stroganov

Performance Engineer, Percona

Alexey Stroganov is a Performance Engineer at Percona, where he works on improvements and features  that makes Percona Server  even more flexible, faster and scalable.  Before joining Percona he worked on the performance testings/analysis of  MySQL server and it components at MySQL AB/Sun/Oracle for more than ten years.  During this time he was focused on performance evaluations, benchmarks,  analysis, profiling, various optimizations and tunings.


We will describe the inner workings of XtraDB 5.6 from the performance point of view. We will focus on the new-in-XtraDB algorithms developed by Percona for performance, supported by experimental data. We will also discuss our motivation for making these and not other changes. Thus, we will talk about the XtraDB priority locking framework, InnoDB 5.6 flushing... [read more]