Aleksandr Kuzminsky

Data Recovery Specialist, TwinDB, Dropbox

Aleksandr's first experiences using MySQL were in 2000, as a developer and as a system administrator at an Internet Services Provider. Since then, he has also acquired a great deal of experience in a variety of different Unix flavor and network services, as well as in OSS/BSS development. He taught Cisco courses and built MPLS networks in Ukraine and in the Caucasian countries. At Percona, he was a consultant and specialized in MySQL and InnoDB data recovery. Now he runs MySQL in Dropbox and develops software for backup and data recovery in TwinDB


Transform the nightmare of data loss to a success, implementing data recovery procedure and using the Percona data recovery tool. We will analyze and illustrate the procedure, tips and tricks to recover InnoDB data in case like: - data file corruption - incidental DROP TABLE, DELETE, TRUNCATE, or UPDATE - delete of a data file We will cover: 1) Scenario definition 2) What is Percona... [read more]