Zero database downtime using the Federated storage engine and Replication

3 April 5:30PM - 8:20PM @ Community Networking Welcome Reception

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Lightning talks
A familiar issue for Database Administrators is how to migrate their 24/7 mission critical application databases to new servers without any database downtime. By using the Federated storage engine and MySQL Replication techniques, it is possible to migrate large databases from one server instance to other server instance without any downtime. The method is particularly useful when the target instance is configured in a master-master active/passive pair where normal replication Mysql Master-Slave replication is not an option. The presentation shows how this can be achieved by: • Creating a new instance alongside the old instance with minimal configuration • Creating the databases & tables in the new instance –tables should be created using the FEDERATED STORAGE ENGINE • Configuring a Federated link (federated server) between the new instance and the target instance. • Configuring master-slave replication between the OLD and the new instance • Repointing the application to the target instance All the database activities do not require any downtime to configure and setup.


Sr DBA, J2 Global
Prasad Mani is passionate about open source databases, currently working for J2 Global and has 13 years of experience on multiple RDBMS technologies.His interests are on Continuous Availability and DR. He has extensive experience in managing very large databases in Banking, Retail,Publishing and Cloud computing. Prasad Mani holds an Electric and Electronics Engineering Degree from Madras University