A SQL database that can scale from 0 to 60 nodes in under 5 seconds

4 April 1:50PM - 2:40PM @ Ballroom H

50 minutes conference
Ok, I'm exaggerating - it may take a couple of minutes, but Yes - the FoundationDB SQL Layer, built on top of the FoundationDB K/V store, brings SQL scale to a new level. Easy Scale means that adding capacity is as easy as spinning up nodes, and that replication and sharding become a thing of the past. In this presentation I will spin up a cluster, discuss the architecture, and walk through the major differences you should take into account when developing your application on the FoundationDB SQL Layer compared to a regular MySQL.


Head of SQL Layer, FoundationDB
Ori Herrnstadt is leading the SQL development at FoundationDB, marrying SQL capabilities with NoSQL scale. Previously, Ori founded and served as CEO of Akiban. He has been involved in developing large-scale operational database systems since his days in the Israeli Army.