Powerful ETL Through Code Generation

Database Administration
4 April 1:50PM - 2:40PM @ Ballroom E

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Most modern ETL tools have the same basic parts. They all contain ways to manage data sources and formats, and they all allow you to define data flows. One important difference is how different tools perform the final, most critical part: reliable execution of those data flows, in both test and production environments. Some ETL tools are engine based, where information about the data flow is delivered to a centrally-located engine to be interpreted and executed. Others are code generators, where the data flow is converted into source code (Java, frequently) and executed like any other program. The engine-based approach is more common. However, ETL code generation tools can be much more robust due to the versatility of their underlying programming languages, which have their own connector ecosystems. In this session, Cédric Carbone from Talend will discuss the virtues of each approach, and demonstrate situations where the code generator approach to ETL provides power and unique flexibility.


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