Performance Monitoring and Tuning MySQL at Yahoo

3 April 2:00PM - 2:50PM @ Ballroom A

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
At Yahoo, we deal with managing a massive number of MySQL databases. In order to identify and respond to performance issues with databases, we rely on an extremely lightweight and robust web based tool to look at our entire database infrastructure setup to proactively monitor our systems. It continuously gathers most important MySQL performance metrics and provides powerful visualization tools, simple statistical analysis for quickly identifying performance patterns, bottlenecks and possible tuning opportunities. Its realtime tracking feature provides the realtime view about current status of MySQL users, running queries and performance metrics snapshots. It can also gather and calculate the metrics changes for a period of time, which is especially useful for benchmark tests and large queries. The configuration management feature provides information about any managed MySQL server, and it further provides differences between different servers, which helps to keep consistency among multiple MySQL servers serving similar purposes. We will perform a deep-dive into all the features of this tool and discuss the use cases including a live demo.


Senior Manager, MySQL Database Engineering & Operations, Yahoo
MySQL Engineering, Infrastructure and Operations at Yahoo.
MySQL Architect, Yahoo