Percona XtraDB Cluster / Galera in Practice - 2014 edition

Replication and High Availability Strategies
1 April 1:30PM - 4:30PM @ Ballroom H

Experience level: 
6 hours tutorial
This is a full day tutorial This tutorial will utilize laptop-based VMs to guide attendees through the basics of setup and administration of XtraDB cluster. Covered topics will be: * Migration from standard mysql to xtradb cluster * Configuration differences between standard mysql and xtradb cluster * Monitoring cluster node states * Adding nodes to the cluster and various SST methods * Cluster maintenance * Examples of the types of locking different clients can expect to see in Xtradb cluster if writing to multiple nodes. This talk will require attendees have a reasonably powerful laptop and Virtualbox installed.


Managing Principal Architect, Percona
Jay Janssen started using MySQL in the 3.23 days, but honed his skills during 7 years at Yahoo as a High Availability Consultant specializing in MySQL. He joined Percona in 2011 and is a Managing Consultant there specializing in Percona XtraDB Cluster and High Availability architectures. He tweets at @jayjanssen