OpenStack Co­Opetition, A View from Within

4 April 9:35AM - 10:10AM

35 minutes keynote
Join Mirantis Co­Founder and Chief Marketing Officer as well as OpenStack Foundation Board Member Boris Renski as he reveals how organizations contributing to this great open source community are finding ways to both cooperate and compete. OpenStack users and contributing organizations will benefit from Boris shedding light on OpenStack co­opetition politics, sharing his views on the strategies of individual players, and offering predictions on the future OpenStack competition landscape.


Co­Founder and CMO, Mirantis
Boris is responsible for helping define Mirantis’ strategic vision and executing on it in the marketplace across the OpenStack ecosystem and beyond. Boris’s influence was instrumental in Mirantis’ current focus on OpenStack. He also serves on the Board of Directors of the OpenStack Foundation. During the last 15 years, Boris has held several executive positions with the companies he helped establish. He was a founder and CEO of Selectosa Systems ­ an IT consulting company that was subsequently acquired in 2006 ­ and a co­founder and angel investor at AGroup ­ now a venture backed enterprise software company headquartered in Europe. Boris holds a BSc in Information Systems from Santa Clara University. He likes technical scuba diving, motorcycles, and RC helicopters.