One year of MySQL 5.6 use in production: real life experiences

2 April 6:00PM - 7:00PM @ Ballroom C

Experience level: 
Birds of a Feather
MySQL 5.6.10 was released as GA back in February, 2013. It means that by the time conference starts many users will have more than a year of real production use experience with this latest and greatest release in MySQL new history. During this BOF session I'd like to discuss specific use cases that demonstrate the impact of new MySQL 5.6 features in InnoDB, Replication and Optimizer, real performance and scalability impact of this release, as well as most important bugs that are still waiting to be addressed. The idea is to increase adoption of MySQL 5.6 via open and honest discussion of its strong points and help Oracle and other vendors of MySQL forks to concentrate on most important problems that can still be solved in frames of this version.


Support Engineer, Percona
Przemek joined Support Team at Percona in August 2012. Before that he spent over five years working for (Quantcast Top 50) as System Administrator where he was a key person responsible for seamless building up MySQL powered database infrastructure. Besides MySQL he worked on maintaining all other parts of LAMP stack, with main focus on automation, monitoring and backups.