No es 'ano', es 'año'! A take on encoding in your DB

3 April 5:30PM - 8:20PM @ Community Networking Welcome Reception

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Lightning talks
Your outsourced devolopers in Añata-Kubapay, Østër SSR sent in Жак Шит and your db didn't get it right? Did the description for this talk even get saved correctly?? Let's take a look at preparing your DB and application for weird input, collation and related issues.


CTO, VividCortex
I've been working for 10+ years in the IT industry, with a mixed developer/systems administration profile focused in FOSS technologies, and experience in systems performance. In 2002-2010 I worked as part of three different teams in developing and administering web applications. In 2010-2013, I was part of the Percona team, where I served in different roles: Operations, Development and Support/Consulting. Since late 2013 I'm part of the VividCortex team, in charge of the automation of the systems, as well as backend development. twitter - @nachexnachex linkedin -