mysqlv8udfs - Running JavaScript inside MySQL

Developing Applications
2 April 3:50PM - 4:40PM @ Ballroom G

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50 minutes conference
MySQLv8Udfs provides a number of MySQL UDFs that integrate Google's v8 JavaScript engine into MySQL. With mysqlv8udfs you can run JavaScript directly in the database. MySQLv8udfs provides UDFs that are closely modeled on top of the MySQL's UDF interface. Features provided by the UDF interface are fully scriptable in JavaScript while the scripting layer provides considerable extra safety as compared to the native UDF interface. The javascript environment provided my mysqlv8udfs provides all the standard javascript built-ins, such as JSON and regular expression support. Additional built-ins include various functions to write to the error log, a require function to support reusable javascript modules and a full MySQL client. This allows developers to do all kinds of useful things that are hard or inconvenient to achieve with either SQL, stored routines or UDFs. Examples include JSON document generation and manipulation, powerful regular expression support, and data transformation and transport across MySQL instances. For particular types of tasks, especially CPU-intensive ones, mysqlv8udfs also provides substantial performance benefits as compared to stored routines, and even plain SQL expressions. MySQLv8UDFs is free and open source. Code is available here:


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