MySQL Replication Mix and Match

Replication and High Availability Strategies
1 April 1:30PM - 4:30PM @ Ballroom C

Experience level: 
3 hours tutorial
Tungsten Replicator enables you to communicate and exchange information between a number of different database services. Not only can we replicated between MySQL, but we can also replicate to/from Oracle, and to MongoDB, Vertica and others. This functionality is provided through a combination of advanced appliers and filters. We can mix and match the replicators, extractors and appliers together to provide live replication between different services. We can also mix and match the filters and transformations on the different data streams to provide complex, but usable replication to a variety of different sources and targets. In this hands-on tutorial we will examine how replicator can be used to setup different filters, how this provides replication services between different environments, and ultimately how to build your own filters using JavaScript to provide custom filter functionality. + Filter basics + Enabling filters and configuration + Standard built-in filters + Creating new heterogeneous installations + Enabling replication from existing clusters + Replicating to MongoDB, Vertica, and Oracle JavaScript Filters + JavaScript data structures + Writing JavaScript filters + Practical JavaScript filters + Fun JavaScript filters


Senior Product Line Manager, VMware
A professional writer and technologist for over 20 years, MC Brown is the author and contributor to over 26 books covering an array of topics, including programming, system management, networking, data centres and web technologies. His expertise spans myriad development languages and platforms, with Systems using Perl, Python, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Shellscript, Windows, Solaris, Unix, HP-UX, Open Source, Linux, BeOS, Mac OS/X and many more. A former LAMP Technologies Editor for LinuxWorld magazine, and a regular contributor to, LinuxPlanet, ComputerWorld and IBM developerWorks. As a Subject Matter Expert for Microsoft for Windows Server and server certification projects. He draws on a rich and varied background as founder member of a leading UK ISP, systems manager and IT consultant for an advertising agency and Internet solutions group, technical specialist for an intercontinental ISP network, and database designer and programmer. Most recently he has concentrated on building high quality user-focused information and products through his books, articles, and MySQL and the MySQL groups within Sun and Oracle. In addition to producing the content and the content-delivery systems, including building documentation, white papers, and marketing materials. Throughout his career he has acted as architectural advisor to a wide variety of products, focused on user-centric functionality and use cases with an eye on enhancing current feature-sets with an eye to future functionality and requirements in a flexible way to ensure both ease of use and development. These activities have led to a keen eye and experience in Big Data, Hadoop, MySQL, NoSQL, Oracle, virtualisation, datacentres, content delivery, data migration and replication technology for heterogeneous databases.
Senior Software Engineer, Continuent Inc.
Linas has extensive experience in developing heterogeneous replication solutions between MySQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL. Implemented support for MySQL to Oracle/PostgreSQL/Greenplum replication and, also, replication POC from PostgreSQL to other DBMS. In addition to developing, he's helping heterogeneous replication customers get deployed. Before joining Continuent, Linas was Head of IT at FBC "Finasta".