MySQL Cluster Performance Tuning

Database Administration
2 April 3:50PM - 4:40PM @ Ballroom C

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
The MySQL Cluster 7.x series introduced a number of features to allow for fine-grained control over the real-time behaviour of the NDB storage engine. New threads have been introduced, and users are able to control placement of these threads, as well as locking the memory such that no swapping occurs. In an ideal runtime environment, CPUs handling data node threads will not execute other threads apart from OS kernel threads or interrupt handling. Correct tuning of certain parameters can be specially important for certain types of workloads. In this session we will look at different tuning aspects of MySQL Cluster. - Application design guidelines - Schema Optimization - Index Selection and Tuning - Query Tuning - OS Tuning - Data Node internals - Optimizations for real-time behaviour We will look closely at how to get the most out of your MySQL Cluster 7.x runtime environment.


CTO, Severalnines
Johan is CTO at Severalnines, a company that enables developers to easily deploy, manage, monitor and scale highly-available MySQL clusters in the data center, in hosted environments and on the cloud. Prior to Severalnines, Johan worked at MySQL/Sun/Oracle and was the Principal Consultant and lead of the MySQL Clustering and High Availability consulting group, where he designed and implemented large-scale MySQL systems at key customers.