Linux Internals for MySQL DBAs

Database Administration
4 April 11:00AM - 11:50AM @ Ballroom A

Experience level: 
50 minutes conference
Too many DBAs focus solely on MySQL configuration, without considering the tremendous benefits that can be achieved on the systems side. This presentation will provide a high level overview of how linux internals work (covering such topics as memory management, filesystems, networking, and process scheduling) and talk specifically about how they interact with MySQL. Attendees will be able to understand better how MySQL interacts with Linux and how they can use system configuration and tools to better manage their MySQL instances.


Platform Engineer, Square, Inc.
Ryan is a Platform Engineer at Square, where he manages thousands of instances of MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis. Before joining Square, Ryan helped build and scale some of the largest web, social, gaming, and mobile properties as a Consultant at Percona. As an author, speaker, and active contributor to F/OSS projects, his expertise extends to a variety of data stores, cloud and big data, and beyond.
Manager, Systems Infra, Square